International Conference 2017

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Kick-off meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

Kick-off meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

14 – 16 October, 2015

The main purpose of the meeting was to create a common working environment within the duration of the project. The meeting’s objectives included getting to know each other, a session with presentations of each institution, time management and participation on the CLIL conference “Focus on CLIL – Lithuania 2015”.

The meeting gave an overview on the dates of the following transnational meetings, using a web platform, financial procedure of the project and CLIL teacher training.

The project partners discussed the forms of all transnational meetings ahead, differences in the project payment systems in particular countries, the contract issues, the process of observing CLIL lessons during the project lifetime, practical and technical coordination of the web platform, active involvement in updating information on project’s website, dissemination and evaluation, development of Modular e-training course and lesson plan template. Regarding the project’s website, Ms Hurajová presented the design of the future project’s website, its layout and design and asked partners for delivering basic information about each partner’s institution with an aim to upload it there.

The partners observed two lessons in Lithuanian school – Music in French and English in Primary Level. The main objective was to review both lessons from CLIL point of view.

Staying in Vilnius was brought to a conclusion with participation on the CLIL conference. Partners with less or none CLIL experience had an opportunity for the first time got familiar with CLIL aims and to see CLIL lessons in practice.

Jana Luprichová - the coordinator




Meeting in Daugavpils, Latvia

Project meeting in Daugavpils, Latvia

1 - 5 February 2016

The meeting started with good news - a new partner has been chosen and accepted by the National Agency (a former partner from Spain had decided to withdraw the project team due to unexpected circumstances). The new partner is from Italy, particularly Caserta - a city near Napoli. More information about the partner is available on this website, part "Project partners".

Project partners evaluated the work done so far.  They discussed and analysed the first version of the resources on CLIL at primary level, as well as a partial evaluation and piloting of the Modular e-training course on CLIL.

The partners took place at several Latvian schools in order to observe what their current practice is for further improvement plans. We all discussed with local teachers the application of CLIL methodology into teaching process in particular schools we visited.

Partners with none or less CLIL experiences attended the first pilot training course with expert on CLIL. The course was focused on implementation of CLIL in primary education. Participants provided their feedbacks on the training which will be a part of comparative analyses. 

Regarding dissemination, the partners planned what disseminating events and actions they wanted to do, and discussed the website and social media presence.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Jana Luprichová - the coordinator


Meeting in Caserta, Italy

Project meeting in Caserta, Italy

9 - 13 May 2016

Transnational meeting was finally held in Caserta in Italy.  It was preceded by a visit of the coordinator in Caserta in April 2016, just to inform the new partner about the project objectives and to manage administrative and organisational tasks.

During the first day of the meeting the project team met regional stakeholders from the public administration, several levels of education (school, adult and higher education) and parents of the local school. During the meeting, several presentations were given in order to inform all present about a good CLIL practice, as well as to inform about the objectives of the project.

Project partners evaluated every thing done so far. The resources on CLIL at primary level were evaluated in order to upload them onto the website. The first version of the resources on CLIL at secondary level were discussed and analyzed.  All partners did a final  evaluation and piloting of the Modular e-training course on CLIL.

Observations took place at Liceo Statale Alessandro Manzoni Caserta  in order to share good CLIL practices.

Partners with none or less CLIL experiences attended the second pilot training course with expert on CLIL. The course was focused on implementation of CLIL in secondary education. Participants provided their feedbacks on the training which will be a part of comparative analyses. 

Jana Luprichová - the coordinator

Meeting in Alingsås, Sweden

Project meeting in Alingsås, Sweden

24 – 28 October 2016

The transnational meeting in Sweden was aimed at implementing the feedback comments into the Modular e-training course on CLIL which was a qualitative indicator within the project.

During the first day the project team met the local politicians from the School Board and the Head of the Management and informed them on good CLIL practice experienced in the project so far. In the afternoon the project team members get acquainted with the premises of the Alströmergymnasiet.

There were observations of several lessons delivered by trained teachers done at Alströmergymnasiet to obtain data for comparative analysis. The partners observed three lessons – in Linguistics, Social Studies and Medicine.

Further on, the project partners evaluated and analysed the resources on secondary CLIL in order to upload them on the website and agreed on follow-on steps.

Finally, the project team members also visited University of Göteborg, where Eva Olsson intorduced her experience in CLISS project which was focused on CLIL in Swedish schools. The presentation was complemented by fruitful dicussion, and the project coordinator invited Eva Olsson to Slovak International Conference in 2017.

Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

Project meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

7 – 10 February 2017

The transnational project meeting focused on the objective to have prepared, checked and discussed the website containing at least 40 resources on CLIL at primary and secondary levels.

The first day of the project team members were welcomed by the new management of the school and observed and discussed the lesson delivered by a trained teacher – Music lesson in French. The next day the partners observed two other lessons – English lesson and Mathematics. The partial data for comparative analysis were obtained.

The partner countries delivered presentations of recordings of good CLIL practice. They also evaluated and discussed the resources for primary and secondary CLIL prepared and uploaded on EduCLIL website so that CLIL resources are accomplished and the European educational agents are able to have free access to EduCLIL website.

In the end of the meeting, the project team members discussed the preparation of the final transnational meeting and conference to be held in Slovakia, the keynote speakers for the conference in particular.

SK Final meeting in Trnava and Nitra, Slovakia

Final project meeting in Trnava and Nitra, Slovakia

26 – 28 April 2017

The final transnational meeting was held by both Slovak project partners in two cities – Trnava and Nitra. The main focus was on final evaluation on activities carried out and embraced by the multiplier event – the International Conference 2017 on good CLIL practice.

The partners first visited the premises of the project partner – Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava where they were welcomed by the Vice-Dean and introduced to the study programmes and main project activities followed by a short excursion to the Centre of Excellence.

Then the project teams went to Nitra, where the final common meeting was held. The partners evaluated the activities executed including the resources on the website. The coordinator made the partners familiar with the partial information on the comparative analysis on CLIL implementation being carried out.

The following two days the International Conference 2017 on CLIL took place in the premises of the Constantine the Philosopher University, Faculty of Education in Nitra. The opening speech was delivered by the Vice-Rector and followed by keynote speakers – Eva Olsson (University of Götegurg, Sweden), Asta Statkeviciene (University of Vilnius, Lithuania), Ilona Ustinova (Daugavpils City Education Department, Latvia) all on good CLIL practice in their countries, and Jana Luprichová, the project coordinator (Constantine the Philosopher University, Slovakia), who introduced the conference attendants to the activities and results of the project. In the afternoon sessions there were presentations on primary and secondary CLIL practice.

The next day the workshop by a respected CLIL capacity Phil Ball (UK) titled Using the 3 Dimensions of Content to Structure a CLIL Sequence was delivered, followed by another workshop titled How to Design and Adapt Suitable Material for CLIL Lessons – use of simple and open web tools for e-CLIL delivered by an experienced CLIL teacher Emma Abate (Italy).

The partners agreed on the deadlines of final accomplishment of the online CLIL courses as well as of the other project outcomes so that the comparative analysis of obtained data on CLIL implementation for the final report could be carried out, and the EduCLIL website to European educational agents interested in good CLIL practice could be utilised.